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The Primary System Confuses the Heck Out of Me. Does It Add an Unnecessary Layer to the Voting Process?

The deeper we get into this ridiculous election cycle, the more I learn about delegate apportionment. It makes no sense to me. I thought my annoyance related to media reports that the vast majority of this cycle’s Democratic superdelegates pledged … Continue reading

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Bodhisattva. The Art of Compassion.

The renowned Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield describes the Bodhisattva life as “a life dedicated to the benefit of all.” (Taken from The Wise Heart.) Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Spending your life helping others. Showing compassion. In a perfect world, it … Continue reading

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Superdelegates. I don’t get them.

The news of Bernie Sanders’ landslide political contest wins out West should encourage me, and it does. The movement is spreading!

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Je Suis Brussels

Once again, we turn on our televisions, or radios, or devices, to learn that suicide bombers have attacked another European city. Stricken, sad, and frightened faces fill my television screen. I want to scream. ISIS monsters! Vile, vile monsters! This … Continue reading

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When a Well-Ordered Life Turns to Chaos

Three weeks ago tomorrow, life threw me a curve ball. I watched my husband collapse not once, but twice, in front of me in our kitchen that morning. He had just sat down at the table when it happened, right … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau for President

And why not? He’s genuine, idealistic, progressive, energetic. Wants what’s best for his country, not what’s best for him or his party.

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What’s Up With Trump?

Thousands of people would disagree with me, perhaps vehemently, but Donald Trump is a narcissistic jerk. A playground bully.

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Democratic Socialism and Me

I began to come of age politically in the late 60s. My teenage idealism led me down the rebellious, anti-war path straight into the proverbial arms of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. How I dreamed of running off to join … Continue reading

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I have nothing to be sad about today.

It’s no use freaking out over every little news development. This is our new normal. “If you see something, say something” bears repeating every day going forward. But until then, until (or if) we do see something, we cannot give … Continue reading

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Je suis Paris.

The Paris attacks make me sick at heart. And angry, as angry as when fundamentalists try to impose their beliefs on the rest of this country. No one has the divine right to change or destroy the lives of those … Continue reading

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