Frost on the Windowpane

Little Round Top, Gettysburg National Military Park, (c) 2017 Elizabeth Maginnis — Warm Weather is my Reward for a Harsh Winter!

It’s been a while since we’ve had weather as dangerously cold as this. The past two winters were mild and not terribly snowy, enabling me to walk around outdoors in sneakers most of the time. I hardly needed my boots. I got spoiled.

Saturday night, we drove home from a party in heavy snow which, as anyone who lives in the Great Lakes region knows well, is a haphazard occurrence depending on where you happen to be in any given moment. We call it “zip code snow.”

A deep, bitter air mass settled in along with the snow. No one walks their dogs in this weather. My own dogs stay outside just as long as necessary, usually for a couple of minutes and they’re ready to come in. Their winter coats keep away the cold only for a short while before they start to shiver in place.

Despite this, I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. This is home. Winter lasts but a few months. Sure, it seems like forever, but we are rewarded with beautiful spring times at the end of it all.

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