Climate Change is my Standing Rock

Abandoned post office building, Kelso, California, August 2016, (c) 2016 Elizabeth A. Maginnis

The inspirational Eve Marko posted in her blog the other day about the origin of the term Standing Rock, which got me wondering about the nature of my own personal Standing Rock. What is mine? What is the one truth, the one cause, from which I will not yield?

The answer, for me, is climate change. And the preservation of our planet. If we do not heed the warning signs Mother Earth is sending us, she will someday become as dry and dusty and useless as this abandoned post office building that I encountered in the Mojave Desert last summer. This is our only home, people! Believe the science!

Trump’s selection of Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator alarms me. Together, the two of them could turn back the clock and negate all the progress we’ve made. Just listen to all the good people tirelessly advocating for our future. Regulations keep rampant environmental destruction in check. They serve the greater good!

This country has become a plutocracy decimating everyone and everything opposed to its agenda of profit and gain. It’s the common man’s nightmare come true, for who will listen to us? Who will hear our small voices crying out for a leg up, a patch of earth to call our own, a chance to succeed? Land of Opportunity no longer.

I will speak out as often as I can in support of Mother Earth, for whatever my words are worth. I will send my positive thoughts and energy out to land where it will, for the greater good — and fervently hope that others do the same.

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  1. Donna Yates says:

    I so agree with you and this article. So many don’t even concern themselves with the needs of the planet. Yet, it’s the planet that sustains us.

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