Justin Trudeau for President

And why not? He’s genuine, idealistic, progressive, energetic. Wants what’s best for his country, not what’s best for him or his party. Kind of like my man Bernie Sanders.

There are times when I wish my country were more like Canada. More open to the common good. I don’t want to answer to a king or queen, but I do like having the ability to vote my prime minister out of office sooner than the next election cycle if he or she isn’t doing the job.

Capitalism and individualism made our country great, but so did the society we built. Our government must do a better job looking after the needs of its citizens when they can’t do for themselves. Material success means nothing if we step on others to achieve it. Material success means nothing if we plunder the Earth’s resources for corporate gain in the short term. What will be left for the future?

In my humble opinion, our children’s and grandchildren’s futures and society as a whole carry more weight than one mere individual’s or company’s selfish pursuit of profit. Justin Trudeau and Bernie Sanders get it.

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  1. Excellent post and I agree with everything you said. Sanders is my man too – Go Bernie!

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