Je Suis Brussels

Once again, we turn on our televisions, or radios, or devices, to learn that suicide bombers have attacked another European city. Stricken, sad, and frightened faces fill my television screen. I want to scream. ISIS monsters! Vile, vile monsters!

This crime affects us all, as Paris did. How can we cut off the head of the snake before it bites again? It strikes again and again, and again. Religious extremism does that to people. It twists and distorts beautiful, peaceful faiths into instruments of judgment and hatred. Extremists wield scripture like a sword, demanding adherence to their ugly interpretations.

The rest of us say No! You will not force us into subservience! We want to live our lives in peace. Now, go away!

I am one of them. You attack one city, you attack us all. But we will not falter in our belief that everyone, everywhere, deserves to worship in their own way. I will not falter. You will not get me. In spite of you, I will live my life. I will worship as I please. And someday, you will slither back to the ring of Hell you came from.

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  1. Unfortunately, this snake has many heads. Another wonderful post.

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