Je suis Paris.

Image result for paris peace signThe Paris attacks make me sick at heart. And angry, as angry as when fundamentalists try to impose their beliefs on the rest of this country. No one has the divine right to change or destroy the lives of those who disagree with them. No one. These monsters believe they are the ordained instigators of the end of days. I don’t remember giving them the right to determine my fate.

OK, rant over. But the current state of affairs still distresses me. How many prayers must we say, how many candles must we light, to drive this evil away? I pray for peace every night. With all my heart, I want peace. Peace for all the innocent people, peace for all the plants and animals that share the Earth with us. This world isn’t just for humans, after all. Every suicide bomb, every machine gun attack, disrupts the balance.

The only thing I can control in this new normal is my reaction to it. And earnestly pray for peace. If the good energy my prayers generate can prevent just one attack, then that’s at least something.

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  1. DM Yates says:

    It is sad that these people don’t see the wrong in what they do. But there are good people in the world, such as you, and that should lift our spirits everyday. I too pray for peace. Let’s hope it does come to our world someday.

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