I have nothing to be sad about today.

It’s no use freaking out over every little news development. This is our new normal. “If you see something, say something” bears repeating every day going forward. But until then, until (or if) we do see something, we cannot give in to fear. I am a fine one to talk. I was ready to move into my closet after Paris and, then, San Bernardino.

The truth is, I have nothing to be sad about. I live a peaceful life. My husband and I are in decent health, as is our family. We all have jobs and a roof over our heads and enough food to eat. Our granddaughters attend good schools. The trouble with me is that I am generally a fearful person. Can I learn to embrace life while remaining vigilant and mindful of the fact that bad things do happen to good people? That’s the challenge.

Living in the moment, that’s the thing. No one is threatening to take my freedom away today. I have nothing to be sad about today.

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  1. DM Yates says:

    I find it sad that we all have to start worrying about the next attack and how close to our own homes it might be. Like you, I have a good life and a protected life and that’s what I must center on too.

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