How Would YOU Like It?

If you couldn’t breathe the air 

without a mask,

or you couldn’t

drink the water in your well?


 (calming myself) I fail to see

 how anyone (gesturing wildly)



 excessive consumption will

 not bite us in the ass someday.

 Can’t you grasp the notion

 of dwindling resources,

 of toxic air (for all you gas guzzlers out there)

 and water that slowly

 kills us from within?

 Birds fall from the sky

 for no apparent reason

 all over the world.

 Buy a clue, people!


 (You’re wondering why I’m so angry?)

 Our planet is a

 living organism,

 created to support and sustain us

 on our earthly journey.

 What a slap to the face

 of God

 if we destroy it!

— Copyright 2011. Elizabeth A. Maginnis

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