What’s All the Fuss About Global Warming?

You ask, challenging me across the table.

Sipping my coffee,

carefully weighing my words,

I wonder how to couch my response

to someone so convinced of the opposite opinion.

 (I stare off into space for a moment, then respond.)

 Haven’t you seen news footage

of glaciers melting in the Arctic

or read news reports of dwindling numbers

of polar bears searching for food

where once there was enough

to sustain thousands?

What do you think causes this?

Do you think this is all just another one

of your conspiracy theories

or something made up

to sell papers or electric cars?

Give me a break!

The tear in our ozone layer is real (for crying out loud)!

What else do we have to protect us

from the sun’s fiery gaze?

Where do you think

all the carbon emissions

from all the factories and cars


To some magical filtering station in the sky?

Why, in the name of heaven,

Do you think that way?

Don’t you know

That there are consequences,

and that the Earth

is paying for our selfishness???

Open your eyes, my friend!

Take a deep breath.

Can’t you taste the particles

just hanging in the air,

waiting to reek havoc

on every living thing that needs oxygen

to live,

on our very living Earth that needs balance

to survive?

— Copyright 2011. Elizabeth A. Maginnis

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4 Responses to What’s All the Fuss About Global Warming?

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  2. dsrtgrl says:

    Credit goes to my fabulous web designer, Joanie Springer at Balsamic Moon. Please feel free to use my name if you decide to contact her.

  3. tab mcaally says:

    You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

  4. dsrtgrl says:

    Whoa! Thanks! You’ve made my week!

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