Reflections on the New Year

Like many people, I have been doing some self-examining with the arrival of the new year. Things like, what do I want to accomplish with my writing during 2011, and in what form? Short stories, poetry, essays, a novel even? All my ideas are proving hard to pin down. So, I decided to just let the Universe guide me. Today I will concentrate on completing an article that hopefully will change some minds about the dangerous practice of hydrofracturing. Mother Earth needs our support if she is to continue supporting us! I want my words to help change the world for the better. I want to hand over a healthy planet to my grandchildren and, in the process, teach them sustainability and respect for the blessings of living on a world that can sustain us if we would only treat it right. That, to me, is part of the lesson of living here, and I want to do my part, to use my words in a way that makes people stop and think about our future. Please join me in opening eyes, minds and hearts to the preservation of our Mother Earth!

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