I Married a Forest Ranger

Well, he’s not really a forest ranger but would choose that path if he had it to do all over again. We just spent a lovely few days driving through Virginia and Maryland and incorporated a side trip through Shenandoah National Park on our way to visit family. It was well worth the price of admission.

Courtesy Sam – ThingLink.com.

I’d be a much calmer person if I spent my career surrounded by natural beauty. Trees instead of office buildings. Hiking trails in place of sidewalks and pavement. Black bears, deer, and birds instead of human co-workers. How privileged are the career stewards of our planet!

The dream, at least, will sustain me. My office life ended back in the Great Recession, but the stresses of city living (much as I love it) still get to me here in my upstairs bedroom-turned-office. We all need a happy place. Shenandoah is one of mine.

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  1. DM Yates says:

    We’d all be much calmer if we could be around nature more. Sounds like such a wonderful trip.

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