And Furthermore About the Bureau of Land Management …

Today’s edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal contains an Associated Press article describing the uphill battle that wild horse advocates face when going up against ranching interests and the Bureau of Land Management. Their efforts to stand up for the plight of those beautiful creatures meet resistance from what the advocates assert is a citizens advisory council heavily biased in favor of cattle ranchers. Here’s a link to the article, written by Scott Sonner: “Wild horse allies: BLM officials stacked against them”.

Once more, the U.S. government elects to solve a problem with wanton disrespect for the rights of others, in this case the horses and burros native to the land in question. Didn’t the government treat Native Americans in much the same way?

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2 Responses to And Furthermore About the Bureau of Land Management …

  1. DM says:

    Ugh, they just plain don’t get the message and don’t care. What’s worse is if this is blatant abuse, what does our gov’t do to our citizens that we don’t know about.

  2. Our government shows a startling lack of empathy for these beautiful creatures who are quite possibly descendents of the horses and burros who helped settle the West.

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