Wake Up to Coffee’s Other Benefits

Coffee’s been in the spotlight this week with National Coffee Day on the 29th. Several major chains offered coffee for free or at reduced prices to celebrate. (Warning: Shameless plug coming.) My favorite chain, Tim Hortons (which sells fabulous coffee, by the way), sold its dark roast variety at a discount. I love Tim Hortons coffee so much that I regularly purchase a tin of their ground coffee for home consumption. No matter which brand of coffee I try, I always come back to Tims.

Today I came across a September 28th Harvard Gazette article that sings coffee’s praises for more than its effectiveness as a morning jolt. Scientists have learned that regular consumption can protect us from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular damage, Parkinson’s Disease, and cancer and cirrhosis of the liver, among other things.

It doesn’t matter whether your coffee is regular or decaf, it’s coffee’s other compounds that do the trick. Take a look at this article, and you’ll feel much better about that first, or sixth, cup of coffee.

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  1. Nice. Interesting. I like one cup of coffee in the morning and that does it for me. I’ve heard of the benefits. I say, all things in moderation.

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