Spring is in the Air. Really.

The temperature hovered around zero this morning. Cold air seared at my lungs when I opened the door to admit my daughter and granddaughter just before dawn. But you know what? The other day I heard birds. Birds! And they were chirping! What, I wondered, do they have to chirp about when spring by the calendar is still five weeks away?

As February drags on, I grow impatient for warmer weather. This happens to me every year at about this time. Maybe the birds feel the same way? The sun’s angle grows higher by the day. Of course they sense that. The wheel of life is poised to turn again, this time to the season of growth, of new beginnings. As we awaken from our winter slumber, yawning and stretching our arms to the sky, I like to consider all the possibilities that await me as the sun grows stronger. The world keeps turning, the flowers keep poking their heads out of the cold ground, eager to begin a new year. If Mother Nature holds out hope, why shouldn’t we?

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  1. DM Yates says:

    I think the birds and animals naturally feel the change in the air before it even begins to show itself. I love the longer lighted days. It just seems that I get so much more done.

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