Therapy Dog Brings Joy to Special Needs Kids

This morning my local newspaper ran a story about therapy dogs, specifically one therapy dog who is making a difference at a local elementary school where many of the students are special needs kids who also suffer from social and emotional challenges. It’s not hard to imagine how hard these kids struggle to get through the day and how hard they try to acquire the skills they’ll need to live a productive adult life.

The school recently acquired the services of a therapy dog who has already made a difference in the kids’ lives. Just being around the dog calms them. He listens when they need someone to talk to. He sits patiently when they need to hug him or snuggle up with him on the floor. He’s there whenever they need a pal to hang with.

For most of us, it’s not the challenges we face but the lack of emotional support that drags us down from day to day. I know I feel so much better when I can talk things over with my husband or hug my cats and dogs during a difficult time. It’s wonderful that these lucky special needs children now have someone to turn to when the going gets a little rough.

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