Summer’s Waning …

During the middle of last week, I noticed a subtle shift in the weather. Not much, mind you, but it felt as though someone had flipped a switch. There was something in the air … The lowering angle of the sun keeps it from warming my pool with as much intensity as it did even two weeks ago. That water is chilly! Nighttime temperatures flirt with the 50s. One doesn’t have to look at the calendar to sense that fall is just around the corner. Where did this summer go? Wasn’t it just last week that we celebrated the Fourth of July or the joy in renewing connections with family and friends in Manhattan and on Long Island? What a great trip that was! Was it really already a month ago?

It won’t be long before we close the pool for another season and settle indoors to watch football while the outside world prepares for winter. Indications are that we won’t escape harsh conditions this time around. Mother Nature spoiled us last year. But, fall (especially fall!) in Western New York State is simply spectacular, and I look forward to its vibrant colors, pumpkin harvests, and the scent of apple cider and fresh-from-the-oven donuts beckoning me to the local farm market, all interwoven with the family birthdays and holidays that come with this time of year.

It’s wonderful!

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