Save the Clean Water Act!

The Waterkeepers Alliance website recently published a link to a New York Times op-ed describing the challenges facing the nearly 40-year-old Clean Water Act. I cannot believe that anyone would fail to recognize the importance of clean water to people, animals and the environment! Economic progress, my Aunt Fanny. Businesses are just looking for ways to increase profits by circumventing the law — or revising it to suit their purposes.

Over the decades, these corporate “good citizens” have attempted to weaken the Act’s jurisdiction over wetlands and shorelines to allow for industrial and residential development in these areas and pressure Congress ever harder these days in the name of economic growth. Do they not comprehend how valuable and how precious a resource water is, particularly in light of our Western states’ struggle to maintain adequate water supplies to meet their needs?

We in the East, especially the Great Lakes region, where I live, need to appreciate and safeguard the quality of the fresh water resource with which we have been blessed. I urge everyone to support the Waterkeepers Alliance in their mission to ensure water security for all and for generations to come and to remind Congress of its duty to enforce the Clean Water Act, not tear it apart.

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2 Responses to Save the Clean Water Act!

  1. DM says:

    These lazy corporate groups – are they so stupid that they don’t realize they are killing earth and all living things, thereby eliminating the money flow to them?

  2. Please see the link share on my Facebook page (regarding Halliburton Loophole and hydrofracking). Really proves my point. We can’t give up the fight against this destructive practice.

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