Christmas ‘Way Too Early

I heard from my daughter the other day that her grocery store had already stocked holiday-themed coffee creamers. By “holiday,” I mean Christmas. Isn’t it still (just barely) September, or did I forget to turn a few pages on my calendar? No, wait, leaves are still on the trees, it’s warm enough to keep the windows open a little bit longer, and the precipitation falling outside my office window is liquid, not frozen. Then, why would I want to buy Christmas coffee creamer now? Won’t I be sick of it by the time Halloween arrives? Who’s the brainiac?

OK, I can understand buying gifts early or taking advantage of pre-season ornament discounts, but food items? Won’t they spoil? I’m not ready for the Christmas eating season to begin. We still have Thanksgiving to consider! Where are those items hiding? Thanksgiving is the absolute best time of year. No gifts expected, just the comfort of family and friends around the table with football on the TV, maybe a few snow flakes gently falling from the sky and a fire glowing in the fireplace. I guess marketers can’t quantify its value with sales figures.

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  1. DM says:

    I’m with you on this. I’ve seen Holiday food items out all ready, along with Christmas decorations next to Halloween.
    I can’t think of anyone who would want to start buying Christmas foods so early. It takes the fun out of halloween and Thanksgiving.

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