Congratulations, William and Catherine!

Your fairytale romance and wedding were a tonic for the soul; Hollywood could not have scripted a better event! The world needs more happiness and joy such as that supplied by today’s ceremonies — in spades. What a wonderful change from Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, the economy, jobs, birth certificates and all the other nonsense that usually fills daily newscasts around the globe. Finally, something to celebrate! Something to bring people together, even if just for a short while. The sight of HRH The Duchess of Cambridge in her wedding dress took my breath away. She brings grace and elegance to what had turned into a stodgy institution of British stuffiness (this said by someone who’s exceedingly proud of her British heritage). Not only that, but the couple genuinely loves each other. This is no arranged match! Girls really can marry their prince for love. Already, she looks and acts the part of a future queen. Tonight I shall raise a champagne and Pimms (OK, no, a vodka martini will have to do) in a toast to the happy couple and hope that I will be lucky enough to witness William’s coronation in my lifetime.

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