National Grammar Day

I cringe at the poor grammar employed by one local newscaster. She displays professionalism in every other aspect: proper dress, pleasant appearance and speaking style. It’s just that, for me, all those attributes fade into the background when she or anyone else uses improper grammar to convey their information. Why didn’t anyone correct her somewhere along the line? Do news directors care anymore? They must not, considering the epidemic of errors that regularly pop up in news streams. I admit, I’m old school when it comes to professional demeanor. Proper comportment, including language and speech, goes a long way toward success. If you know how to speak, chances are that there are brains behind that mouth. The effort it takes to express oneself well demonstrates to the listener that the speaker possesses a certain amount of intelligence and knowledge of the topic at hand. In language, as in life, taking the easy way doesn’t always produce the best results! 

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