Hooray for “The King’s Speech”

If you haven’t yet seen this film, I highly recommend that you do. It deserves every accolade and award that has come its way. If I could personally congratulate the screenwriters, I’d also thank them for two hours of the most intelligent storytelling I’ve had the privilege of listening to in quite a long time. And it’s not just the British accent effect to which I’m so susceptible, though I’m convinced that that accent would make even a reading of the phone book sound like a classic. “The King’s Speech” is, plain and simple, a good movie for grownups that doesn’t involve bare flesh or bloodshed. It’s an inspiring story of someone thrust by accident of fate into a spotlight that he didn’t ask for and the strength and fortitude he displayed in overcoming his biggest obstacle, namely, his frightful stammer. Three cheers for the triumph of quality over rehashed frat house movie plots or dressed-up video games!

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