Preparing for the Big Storm

True, lots of shoveling looms in my near future, but there’s an upside to heavy snowstorms: They provide great reading and writing weather for those of us shut indoors as the storm rages on. Granted, I no longer commute to an office every day, so I don’t have to fight deteriorating driving conditions, but oppressively snowy weather has its downside even for a homebody like me. Many of you can sympathize when I say that unrelenting cloudiness and persistent snowfall really depresses my mood if I let it. Therefore, I choose to think of such days as good fuel for my creativity to keep the black clouds from settling over my head. And good candidates for a Trashy TV Day, a treat I allow myself every so often just to break the routine.

You’d think a lifelong Western New York resident like me would be used to this by now (think lake effect), but every year I hope that we’ll have one of those winters when the snow shovel gathers dust in the basement. Ha! Not this year! If I turn lemons into the proverbial lemonade, maybe I’ll get through this old-fashioned winter yet.

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