Summer Memories

Today is the type of summer day that I long for during our cold and snowy Western New York winters (the winter just past notwithstanding): hot and humid and a strong breeze with the promise of heat-generated thunderstorms in the afternoon. I am reminded of the days I spent spread out on a beach towel on the deck of my parents’ pool, covered in baby oil, listening to the latest hits on my transistor radio. The DJ announced “Turn Over and Tan Time” every 15 minutes. At the age of 14, I had no cares in the world beyond fulfilling my summer reading list, so often I’d bring my required reading outside with me to while away the afternoon.

Decades and one brush with skin cancer later, I still remember those days with a certain measure of nostalgia. There’s something magical about believing in your own invincibility and the possibility that all your days could be so tranquil.

Life rushes in all too soon, so today and this long holiday weekend, I will do my best to remember and relive, for a couple of short hours, the pleasure of having nothing to do but sit by the pool and read.

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  1. DM Yates says:

    Summer memories. I clearly remember those days too – sunbathing and switching for 15 minutes. Skin Cancer is on the rise. As we age, we realize just how fragile we humans are. I agree. We were invincible then.

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