How Much Longer Must We Put Up With 45?

I understand that 45 was the lesser of two evils for the people who voted for him. I understand that people wanted someone who would wake Washington up. But, now that we’ve seen how incapable and how dangerous this man is, how much more of him do we have to put up with before we call for the 25th Amendment?

This morning, for example, 45 retweeted a tweet posted by a British right-wing extremist group that purports to show a Muslim boy beating on a British boy. For what purpose? How do we know whether this tweet is what it says it is? 45′s knee-jerk reactions are leading us into dangerous territory. This idiot fosters hate with impunity.

How about the firing of Matt Lauer earlier today? No words of support for the woman who made the complaint. Instead, 45 made it all about removing the network president for encouraging fake news stories. Really?

Is this noise meant to distract from the Russia investigation? So what. Either way you turn, this man is systematically destroying our values and our standing in the world. OK, all you 45 voters, let’s see you grow a conscience and demand his removal. Anyone who can support a pedophile (Roy Moore), concoct the fantasy that someone doctored his voice on the infamous Access Hollywood tape, and re-obsess over birtherism deserves a visit from men in white coats. He is not fit to hold the nuclear codes in the palm of his hand or to lead our country.

There, I had to get that off my chest.

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