Democracy No Longer

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Visitor Center, (c) 2015 Elizabeth A. Maginnis

America can no longer call itself a democracy with the rise of Trumpism. Ours is a government by and for the wealthy. If working people figured anywhere in the equation, our Fearless Leader-Elect would have appointed men and women with more modest bank accounts to his cabinet. As it stands, the titans of finance and industry he nominated wouldn’t know the first thing about living paycheck to paycheck, like the rest of the country does.

Steven Mnuchin particularly troubles me. What honest, caring servant of the people evicts a widow for a less-than-$1.00 shortfall in a mortgage payment or locks out a homeowner in the midst of a Midwestern blizzard? I worked the legal end of the New York State mortgage foreclosure process for over twenty years and know an honest lender when I see one. OneWest does not fall under that category. The egregious foreclosure misconduct of OneWest, the bank he led as CEO from 2009 to 2015, violated every law of decency in the name of greed. It flagrantly ignored notice and waiting period statutes and backdated loan documents, all during the tenure of the chucklehead Trump has chosen to head his Treasury Department.

If Mnuchin couldn’t be bothered to show concern for the very people he and his ilk victimized with the bad mortgages that triggered the Great Recession, how are we to believe he will have the best interests of the country’s finances at heart? Isn’t this a little like the fox taking charge of the henhouse?

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  1. DM Yates says:

    I think pretty much the whole country’s with you on this.

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