I Have to Be the Change I Want to See in the World

Ivanpah Road, Mojave National Preserve, (c) 2016 Elizabeth A. Maginnis

As this week’s events at The Ohio State University unfolded on my television screen, my thoughts turned to the time when my young granddaughters enter college, in the not-so-distant future. Run Hide Fight. Excellent preparation, as it turns out, but it’s also hard for me not to despair that college life requires education in survival techniques.

However, I will not lament and hash over the years I was in college, when all we worried about was bad weed. The sun came up this morning (as it did the day after Donald Trump became our President-elect). I am trying mindfulness to keep myself focused on what’s in front of me, good thoughts, good energy. Despair does me no good. If I send good thoughts out to the Universe, maybe they will have a ripple effect. Is this how I can make an impact on the world?

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