What’s happened to grammar these days?

Are you like me, do you cringe whenever you see a misspelled or improperly placed word on television graphics? There seems to be a lot of that going around. Doesn’t anybody spell or fact check any more?

I wonder how the English language is taught these days. Proper vocabulary and grammar were drilled into me and my contemporaries all during high school ‘way back in the early ’70s. I learned that proper oral and written language skills represented me well when I entered the workforce, and I took a certain amount of pride in expressing myself intelligently. Coarse words and poor grammar don’t belong; think of how they make you look to your reader or your listener.

The collapse of civility in language reflects the collapse of civility in everyday life. We don’t care enough to take the time to spell check or fact check; the speed with which we get those words on the screen or on the page matters most. Just like every other aspect of modern life. Beat the other guy to the traffic light, do whatever it takes to win or keep that client. I know I’m living in la la land, but can’t we just slow down, take a deep breath and pay attention? The world needs some gentility.

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